Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur

17th October 2021

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Clear and sophisticated, Wild Arbor can be enjoyed over ice but as it does not contain dairy, it can also be used in a wide range of cocktails and long drinks, without curdling. While we always recommend that you serve Wild-Arbor ice cold, the shelf life is not limited (in or out the fridge), like other dairy cream alternatives.

Wild-Arbor is clearly a pure indulgance
Try it over ice, in your coffee or a cocktail, or over your dessert!


Rich and creamy, full of natural chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavour, Wild Arbor is the clear cream liqueur with all the indulgence at almost half the calories.

Wild-Arbor is a clear liqueur free from Dairy, Lactose and Gluten. Totally clear and made from only plant-based natural ingredients. Wild-Arbor is unique in that it meets all the requirements for the next generation premium cream liqueurs.

ABV: Wild Abor Clear Cream Liqueur (19.75%)
Sizes: 700ml


Wild Arbor work with the foundation myclimate.org, investing in carbon reducing projects, so consumers can have peace of mind knowing that Wild Arbor has a positive climate impact.
Being sustainable and carbon neutral is just the start; we want to do more. Therefore, in addition to net carbon reduction, Wild Arbor celebrates its heritage and love of nature by planting at least one tree for every bottle sold.

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