Saigon Baigur Gin

29th September 2021

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Saigon Baigur is the first premium dry gin that is distilled in Ho Chi Minh City.

A most extraordinary gin with fresh buddha’s hand and vapour infused lotus flower. 12 distinctive local botanicals combined with 4 classic gin ingredients present a drink that is a Vietnamese take on the classic dry gin..

Recognizable but unique, this is a Gin that Vietnam deserves.


Saigon Baigur Gin is a classic gin, delicate but complex in character. Fragrant citrus and floral notes on the nose, smooth & complex citrus and juniper with spices on the back of the palete, finishing with a medium yet crisp dryness and slightly earthy notes.

ABV: Saigon Baigur Gin (43%)
Sizes: 700ml


Saigon Baigur Gin is a brand that reflects not only the heritage of Vietnam but also its amazing local botanicals. The bottle design is truly unique and the art of macerating, pot-distilling and vapour infusing the ingredients showcases an complex but delicate flavour profile.

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