Aluna Coconut

24th October 2021

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More COCONUT, Less SUGAR, All NATURAL, Aluna Coconut Rum is a delicious blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean, with 100% natural toasted coconut and pure, sustainably sourced coconut water.

With a fraction of the sugar found in competitor brands Aluna gives you the true flavour of coconut alongside the authentic warmth and complexity of high-quality rums with none of the sticky, synthetic flavours you might have experienced before.

Great sipped on its own, in a cocktail, with your favourite mixers or awesome with a hot chocolate in the winter (try making it with coconut milk for the full coconut experience.)

Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur – A complex and contemporary blend of all-natural toasted coconut rum with 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, cacao nibs and subtle, smoky black cardamom. Delicious sipped neat over ice, shaken as an espresso martini or even poured over vanilla ice cream for an awesome affogato.

Aluna Coconut is suitable for Vegan and Gluten free diets.



Aluna Coconut’s Guatemala rum is made with first press sugar cane fermented with yeast from the pineapple plant, releasing floral, fruit aromas into the rum which is then lightly aged in oak. This makes a lighter and smoother rum with a natural subtle sweetness, avoiding the need for the large quantities of sugar found in many competitor brands.

Selected Caribbean rums (Trinidad and Guyana) add firmer classic rum notes and a little heat, giving balance and structure to the blend.


Natural, lightly toasted coconut gives a delicious new taste dimension to the rum. After marrying, the rum is cut to bottling strength with the perfect amount of traceable, sustainably sourced coconut water for an amazingly smooth and clean coconut finish. Coconut is a super food, packed with high levels of potassium, electrolytes and vitamins.

ABV: Aluna Coconut Rum (37.5%)

Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur (25%)
Sizes: 500ml & 700ml


Aluna Coconut has carefully crafted rum made with less sugar and natural ingredients, including sustainably sourced coconut water, for a lighter and smoother experience, with a natural subtle sweetness.

The rum appeals to the growing number of mindful drinkers who are seeking authentic flavours and high-quality ingredients, as part of their social and adventurous lifestyles.

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