Cognac Monnet

4th November 2021

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Warm with strong floral and fruity hints, Monnet Cognac is first enjoyed through one’s eyes. This specific style was captured by famous illustrator Leonardo Cappiello in his renowned “Sunshine in a glass” poster, completed for Monnet in the 1920s. This poster gave the brand an aura that it still carries nowadays.

Since its founding in 1838, Monnet has been one of the historical signatures of Cognac.

Cognac is a bright way of bringing people together by celebrating a certain “art de vivre” – The Art of Living.

At the heart of Monnet Cognac is a devotion to transmitting traditions, but also the will to innovate, to push boundaries and to go further and further in quality.


MONNET VS – is aged in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of three years. Sparkling gold in colour, Monnet VS exudes aromas of fresh flowers and delicate spices with a soft touch of vanilla. On the palate, it reveals freshness and finesse, followed by a long, warm finish.

MONNET Sunshine – Selection’s roundness and outstanding fruitiness are remarkable, creating a product which is both very elegant and very accessible. Bright gold with a smooth texture, warm sunset nuances. Nose is full of aromas of quince jam accents and spring flowers (lilac and daffodils). Very smooth, unctuous start, hearty notes of sun-filled summer fruits (apricot, peach) with a light touch of vanilla and gingerbread. Long finish of smooth warm lingering accents of dried fruits and pastry.

MONNET VSOP – is aged in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of five years. Pure amber in colour, Monnet VSOP reveals spicy aromas of vanilla, dried fruits and hints of leather. On the palate, it is deliciously rich and balanced, with notes of honey, nougat and a long, smooth finish.

MONNET XO – is slowly blended from eaux-de-vie selected primarily from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Aged in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of seventeen years. Burnished gold with highlights of shimmering red, Monnet XO strikes a perfect balance between structure, character and delicacy. On the nose, this richly complex cognac marries sweet, spicy aromas of licorice, nuts and candied fruits. On the palate, it offers exceptional roundness, finesse and a luxuriously long finish.

MONNET XO Carafe – Bright & Sophisticated The XO decanter: inspired by the sun. The new Monnet XO decanter looks like a flower about to bloom in the sun. Full of life and energy, it is an ode to what Nature and Man can do when they work in harmony.


MONNET XXO – Beyond excellence Monnet XXO proposes an unprecedented journey into the exceptional nuances of Cognac. Produced in very small quantities, this very rare XXO represents the epitome of Monnet’s savoir-faire, with a perfect roundness associated with a stunning delicacy. The Monnet XXO decanter’s design conveys what this exceptional Cognac is: perfect roundness, ultimate smoothness, combined with the strong energy of the Salamander!


MONNET’S SALAMANDER – The perfect match of Cognac and gentle spices. The idea behind Salamander is to propose to see Cognac from a different angle: a spirit which is also delicious when mixed with spices and other noble botanicals. The tastes complete each other and give birth to a delicious and very original drink.

The Salamander is known for its capacity to withstand fire. It is the symbol of the Monnet house since 1838 and was also the emblem of King Francis 1 st . It was obviously the right name for a product made with Monnet Cognac and spices.

ABV: Monnet Cognac VS (40%)

Monnet Cognac SS (40%)

Monnet Cognac VSOP (40%)

Monnet Cognac XO (40%)

Monnet Cognac XXO (40%)

Monnet Cognac CO Carafe (40%)

Monnet Salamander (30%)

Sizes: 700ml


Like a jewel, Monnet Cognac first sets itself apart by its glow and brightness. Like a jewel, it has been polished to perfection by the work of time and men. It is the result of a secular tradition, enriched through the years by the generations of cellar masters who relayed each other and passed on all the secrets of quality since 1838. They all had the same dream: make Monnet a great signature of Cognac and turn the tasting of a Monnet Cognac into a bright moment of refinement and pleasure.

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