Silent Pool Gin

30th June 2020

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A contemporary floral London Dry Gin, Handcrafted with 24 Stunning Botanicals.

From the iconic bottle to the delicious liquid inside, Silent Pool Gin is a symbol for uncompromising quality. Blending the classic style of London Dry gin with contemporary floral notes, Silent Pool Gin is truly special. It has been recognised and awarded internationally. The premium quality of the liquid is reflected in a beautifully designed bottle that adds value to any home or bar and is finished with a truly satisfying glass stopper.

All making for a stunning gin experience, which is remarkably complex yet pleasing on the palette.


Silent Pool Gin is a classic gin at heart, full bodied and fresh with depth, clarity and flavour. A rich and clean juniper-driven spirit. Distilled with a unique rose tea infusion to create a distinctive yet delicate rose flavour. Rare Citrus gin is high quality naturally distilled gin which balances zesty and sweet blends for aromatic citrus flavour.

ABV: Silent Pool Gin (43%), Silent Pool Rare Citrus (43%)

Sizes: 700ml


Silent Pool is truly a brand that reflects the environment in which it is produced. From the bottle design to the recipe creation, every element has been meticulously thought through to mimic the naturally beautiful surroundings of the Surrey Hills.

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