Cihuatan Rum

6th May 2021

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The team at the Cihuatan rum distillery have created unique rums that tell a story of their Mayan ancestors.  The same curiosity that drove the Mayans are driving the team at Cihuatan Rum, the first rum distillery in El Salvador.



Gabriela Ayala is the master blender at Cihuatan. Her and the team have complete control of the entire productive chain, stating from the sugarcane seed, distilling, aging, blending and bottling. Cihuatan Indigo was inspired by the Mayan god of the rain. Indigo is an 8 year old rum with hints of vanilla, dark chocolate and hazelnut. Cihuatan Cinabino was inspired by the Mayan god of the sun. Cinabino is a 12 year old rum with pistachio, plum and caramelised orange peel. Cihuatan Xaman is the ultimate homage to Mayan heritage, inspired by the Mayan god of the north star. Each bottle has been ages for 15 years in American oak barrels and then finished in Mayan Ceiba barrel for 1 additional year, total resting time of 16 years. This rum has notes of grilled pineapple, cloves, plum, leather and balsamic toast.

ABV: Indigo (40%), Cinabrio (40%) and Xaman (40%)

Sizes: 700ml


We wanted to introduce the world to El Salvador’s first rum distillery. We want to showcase the flavour profiles from the range at Cihuatan Distillery. As the rum category grows year on year we are excited for rum lovers to get their hands on it.

Visit the Cihuatan Rum website