7th March 2022

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Spring 2021 marked the launch of OVANT, hand-crafted alcohol-free distillations, batch made in Margaret River, Western Australia. Bringing the art of winemaking to the science of distilling, Ovant offers three of the finest distillations for drinkers, non-drinkers and those who just want to drink less. Founded by aficionados from the wine world, Ovant delivers shared experiences that go beyond drinking.

Grounded in the art of the winemaking process and informed by the science of distillation, Chris, Tom and Elizabeth used their combined knowledge to trial hundreds of botanical blends and combinations to create Ovant’s range of non-alcoholic distillations. The result is a collection of three elegant flavour profiles – Grace, Verve and Royal.


GRACE – Grace as a homage to the classic gin botanicals. Not a gin, but a drink that pairs with tonic for a refreshingly bitter perfect serve. Not a gin, but a powerful foundation for a range of cocktails you can discover at ovant.com.


Appearance – Bright and clear. Some residual natural oils and extracts appear on close inspection as a by-product of distillation.

Nose – Lifted and pure aromatics. Floral notes of ginger root and dried orange give a vibrant spicy quality. Forward juniper and subtle layers of cardamom deliver a well rounded savoury complexity.

Palate – Crystal clear juniper is followed by a warming freshly grated ginger quality. Overall palate quality is highlighted by the purity of individual flavours and balanced by a pleasing citrus freshness.

Mixed with tonic as a Perfect Serve, the G(race)&T is an instant classic.

VERVE – We created Verve as a thoroughly modern aperitif. Simply mixed with soda or tonic or built into a bracing long drink, Verve captures the anticipation of things to come.  For us, it is a drink before dinner, a summer afternoon at the beach and even an Australian Christmas morning. Electric with excitement and expectation.


Appearance – Bright and clear lemon. Some residual natural oils and extracts appear on close inspection as a by-product of distillation.

Nose – Overt herbaceous profile. Perfumed lemon myrtle shows a defined clarity and depth. White pepper notes offer a light punch with fragrant Tulsi basil integrating to provide another layer of complexity.

Palate – Forward herbal characters bring a clean, savoury quality. Spice characters give added structure. Palate is focused and driven.

The palate shows all the hallmarks of Ovant. Clean primary herbal characteristics, distinct spice and a driven finish.

ROYAL – Taking inspiration from the traditions of the world’s great dark spirits, we synchronize the sweetness of rum and the smokiness of whisky with a clarity and brightness of flavour that faces modernity. Royal can be enjoyed simply. It is profound served neat or in an alcohol free Old Fashioned, the favourite of one of our Founders.


Appearance – Bright, radiant amber. Some residual natural oils and extracts appear on close inspection as a by-product of distillation.

Nose – Pronounced intensity. Fresh cinnamon and star anise characters show individuality and presence over an underlying dried spice quality. Elevated by a solid foundation of ripe elderberry, bringing charm and brightness.

Palate – Round, layered and complex. Primary, exotic characters give a textured, juicy mouthfeel which is seamlessly connected to a fine savoury finish.

Royal is made to be sipped, shared and savoured. A truly unique sensory experience.

ABV: 0%
Sizes: 700ml


Each distillation pays homage to the beauty and nature of Margaret River, a place where 80% of the plants are found nowhere else in the world, capturing the magic and spirit of the land in every bottle.

Tom and Christopher combined forces with passionate winemaker and Margaret River resident Elizabeth Reed, to help refine the tasting process – developing the elegant flavour and aroma profiles that bring Ovant to life.

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