Estancia Raicilla

16th December 2016

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Product Info

Raicilla is one of the most renowned Agave spirits you’ll come across, with very few spirits in the world as versatile. Obtained from the distillation of musts derived from grinding mature hearts of Agave Maximiliana, which are given 10 to 15 years to ripen in the high altitude regions of the Sierra Madre Occidental; this cool mountainous climate permits the Agave to mature to form the Raicilla’s unique floral characteristics.

Tasting Notes

Raicilla has a light nose with notes of citrus and roasted fruits. An irresistibly crisp and balanced palate with a medium sweetness and smooth mouth-feel.

  1. ABV: 40%
  2. Sizes: 70cl

Why we chose Estancia Raicilla

With agave spirits like Tequila, and more recently Mezcal, growing in popularity, we wanted to continue to innovate the category by introducing one of the very first Raicilla’s into the UK market.  The quality of this liquid means that whether sipped alone, accompanied or mixed, its mild flavour and aroma satisfies the most demanding palate.