Amaethon Whisky

16th September 2022

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Amaethon is the Whiskey of the land of bread and grain. France has been growing and distilling barley since the Gauls, creating a real French Whiskey tradition.

In Celtic mythology, Amaethon is the god of agriculture.

Continuing the French tradition of whisky, Amaethon is made from barley of unique quality, grown in France, and aged in soft woods, providing it with little tannin and retaining its exceptional notes of grain and bread.



The Amaethon Single Malt Whisky is the fruit of their exploration around the Amaethon tasting. This unique batch has been matured a whole extra year in French oak casks which previously contained and brought to maturity the famous Pineau de Charentes.

Discover a French single malt whisky with the warm gourmet aromas of bread, malt, waffles, honey, dried fruit, watermelon, green plum, gingerbread and cinnamon fill the nose, complemented by notes of dried fruit, oak spice, candied ginger, summer flowers, quince and banana throughout the palate.

A very attractive single malt, sweet and generous in its durability.


ABV: Amaethon Whisky (45%)
Sizes: 700ml



Spiritique is a French house of spirits.

Each Spiritique product is carefully crafted in France, respecting tradition while embracing innovation.

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