28th August 2018

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Brand Info

Aelred is the latest product from Eyguebelle, a company with historic roots in the heart of the Drome Provencale, offering a range of superior quality spirits with unique elegance and finesse.

Product Range

Melonade is an original aperitif, crafted from selected Provence melons, picked and sliced at full maturity for an intensity of pure fresh melon. Chesnut liqueur is made from Ardeche chestnuts macerated in a sugar beet alcohol. Pure cane sugar, Bourbon vanilla and freshly-picked ripe chestnuts are added and distilled in a copper still.

  1. Sizes: 70 cl
  2. ABV: Melonade (12% ABV), Chestnut (16% ABV)

Why we chose Aelred

Recipes for Aelred spirits were originally invented by monks and recipes remain unchanged. Their production secrets are jealously guarded. The production process also remains unchanged giving Aelred liqueurs their unique taste and distinctive characteristics.