Sunshine & Sons

Sunshine & Sons is everything you love about our part of the world and everything we love about great spirits. Pot-distilled in the hinterland rainforest with a carefully curated mix of local and traditional botanicals, our spirits evoke the memory, allure and the warmth of Queensland’s beautiful subtropical coast.

Sunshine & Sons is a feeling. It’s the feeling of salt air on your skin – the sun at your back. It’s the feeling of freedom, of escape, of what it’s like to get away.



The feeling you get when you walk down to any one of the coast’s incredible beaches or through the lush hinterland rainforest and know you are really in the best place on earth and in the place, you are meant to be. It’s about friendship, caring, listening, togetherness, warmth, and sunshine.

We strive to capture in every bottle the laid-back feeling of lazy sub-tropical days with family and friends on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.

We wish the world had more of The Coast Spirit. And, for our part, we’re committed to working hard every day to make it so.

We love producing beautiful spirits, passionately support community and preserving the beautiful environment in which we have the privilege to live and work in


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