Blackwater Irish Gin No. 5


Distilled from the purest spirit, the finest botanicals and soft local water, but with a new BOLD look. The spirit balances the confident juniper notes of a traditional London Dry with bright coriander, warm cinnamon and zesty lemon. We designed from top to bottom using only the botanicals imported into Ireland by White’s of Waterford during the 19th century. Of the twelve botanicals used, ten are classic while two are rather special and probably unique to Blackwater No.5 Gin. All are locally sourced where possible, or from wherever in the world the finest grade happens to be.


Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Irish Gin


What is more summery than strawberries? In all, thirteen botanicals are distilled to produce this gin, the largest of these being strawberry. The berries are grown for us just outside Enniscorthy (Co. Wexford) and transported to the distillery in a large cool box. After distillation, we soak even more strawberries in our gin (that’s how it gets its colour), then we bottle it. We don’t add any sugar or sweetener of any sort.


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